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Necessary tools

What you need is below.
  • Ping-pong balls(Diameter 4cm)
  • Adhesive labels
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Pen or pencil
  • PC
  • Printer

How to make

(1) Using the interrupted normal polyconic projection transformation application, set the globe's diameter to 4 centimeters and download a interrupted normal polyconic map projection to your computer in PDF format.

(2) Put the label sticker in your printer and print the downloaded map. (When setting up the printer, ensure that any automatic magnification or shrinking is turned off.)

(3) Confirm that the length of the equator on the printed map is about 12.5 (4 x 3.14) centimeters long. (If it is not 12.5 centimeters, your printer may have automatically enlarged or shrunk the image.)

(4) Cut the printed map into four equal parts with scissors. With the sticker not peeled off, place the cut-out map on the pinball. Find the location of the north pole, south pole and equator, and mark them with a pen.

(5) Cut apart the stickers so that each is separate.

(6) Using the mark made in (3) as a guide, carefully straighten the stickers and affix them to the pinball. (Creases will form easily, so be careful.)

(7) You're finished.

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